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CYCLE UP! International Student Poster Competition 2024

    CYCLE UP! International Student Poster Competition 2024 | Graphic Competitions
     Category:  Graphic Design
     Deadline:  March 13, 2024 - expired! February 27, 2024
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    The CYCLE UP! International Student Poster Competition 2024 is an innovative initiative organized by the Goethe-Institut, aimed at harnessing the power of creativity and visual arts to promote sustainable urban mobility, particularly cycling. This global competition invites current higher-education students to submit original posters that highlight the significance of cycling as a universal, inclusive means of transportation, beneficial for both individual well-being and the environment. By focusing on sustainable urban mobility, the contest seeks to encourage a shift towards more eco-friendly modes of transport, emphasizing cycling’s role in fostering healthier, more sustainable cities.

    Participants are tasked with creating impactful posters that not only showcase their artistic skills but also convey a compelling message about the benefits of cycling. The competition emphasizes creativity, originality, and alignment with the theme of promoting cycling for all, aiming to inspire positive change and raise awareness about the importance of sustainable urban mobility. The selected posters will be featured in an international exhibition at Goethe-Instituts in Prague and Tallinn, offering artists a unique platform to display their work and contribute to a global conversation on environmental sustainability and urban mobility.

    Winning entries will not only gain international exposure but also support the European Peace Ride’s activities in 2024, with the top poster being used in promotional efforts. This integration of art, culture, and cycling advocacy highlights the competition’s unique approach to addressing social and environmental issues. The CYCLE UP! International Student Poster Competition represents a significant opportunity for young artists to influence public perceptions of cycling and urban mobility, making it a key event for students across the 40 Creative Europe countries. This initiative underlines the Goethe-Institut’s commitment to cultural exchange and education, leveraging the power of visual communication to inspire change and promote a more sustainable future.

    There is no entry fee.


    Open to current higher-education students who are over the age of 18 and enrolled in an educational institute in one of the 40 Creative Europe countries. Participants must also be a legal resident of one of these countries.


    The competition awards include a trip to the Pochen Biennale in Chemnitz, Germany, for the first prize winner, and cash prizes of 300 EUR and 150 EUR for the second and third prize winners, respectively. Additionally, the design of the first prize winner will be used to promote European Peace Ride activities in Pilsen, Czechia, in September 2024. An international jury will evaluate the submissions, selecting 20 of the best posters for exhibition at participating Goethe-Instituts and on their websites, showcasing the talent and creativity of the runners-up.

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