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14th International Creative Media Award

    14th International Creative Media Award | Graphic Competitions
     Category:  Graphic Design
     Deadline:  October 20, 2023 - expired! August 29, 2023
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    The ICMA Award stands as a prestigious global competition that celebrates innovation and creativity across various design domains, including custom media, books, corporate design, and magazines. With a core objective of fostering the exchange of inventive ideas on an international scale, the ICMA serves as a unifying platform for diverse creative minds. Unlike other design contests that focus solely on specific niches, the ICMA encompasses an inclusive overview of contemporary graphic design in its entirety.

    This distinguished competition not only highlights outstanding achievements but also serves as a beacon for identifying emerging trends in the ever-evolving design landscape. Through its competitive evaluation process, the ICMA provides an avenue for creative individuals and entities to benchmark their work on a global stage, thereby enabling rapid optimization and enhancement of their own products. Moreover, the accolades garnered from the ICMA Awards hold substantial external impact, as winners prominently showcase their achievements on various platforms such as websites and print media. This not only emphasizes their commitment to quality but also serves as a marketing tool to promote their businesses and services.

    More than just a design competition, the ICMA serves as a dynamic think tank that fuels individual creativity and collective inspiration. The accolades and recognitions bestowed upon winners are featured in the ICMA yearbook and on the official website, further propelling their innovative prowess. By embracing a holistic approach and welcoming participants from both major content media agencies and acclaimed international institutions, such as museums and research centers, the ICMA Award solidifies its position as a well-established and respected international benchmark for creative excellence.

    Participation fees vary by category, ranging from 90 to 190 Euro per publication, with a 20% fee increase for late submissions.


    Companies, agencies, and designers from various countries, both within and outside of Europe, can participate in the ICMA.


    The ICMA offers awards in gold, silver, and bronze categories, as well as Awards of Excellence for exceptional individual achievements. The certificates showcase the winning publication, category, and jury members. Various types of certificates and trophies are available for winners.

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