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13th GRANSHAN Type Design Competition

    13th GRANSHAN Type Design Competition | Graphic Competitions
     Category:  Graphic Design
     Deadline:  February 15, 2024 - expired! November 28, 2023
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    The 13th GRANSHAN Type Design Competition stands as a global tribute to the richness and diversity inherent in non-Latin typefaces, accentuating the pivotal role typography plays in fostering worldwide communication and cultural identity. This prestigious competition, hosted by the GRANSHAN Foundation, serves as a beacon for typeface designers across the globe, inviting them to showcase their innovative designs that transcend linguistic boundaries.

    With a keen focus on celebrating script diversity, the competition encompasses an array of script groups, including Arabic, Cyrillic, Chinese, Georgian, and more, encompassing ten distinct script groups. GRANSHAN’s dedication to recognizing exceptional typeface designs extends beyond the Latin script, acknowledging the significance of multilingual typefaces in today’s interconnected world. By offering multiple categories such as Text Typefaces, Display Typefaces, and Multiscript Typefaces, the competition not only acknowledges excellence but also emphasizes the importance of typographic versatility and functionality in diverse communication contexts.

    Furthermore, the 13th edition of the GRANSHAN Competition is an embodiment of the foundation’s commitment to fostering a global platform for type designers, foundries, and clients with custom typefaces. This biennial event doesn’t just aim for recognition but serves as a catalyst for elevating the standards of typeface design, emphasizing the evolving landscape of global communication. Through its exhaustive judging process led by over 60 international script experts, the competition aims to shine a spotlight on exceptional typographic projects, recognizing the craftsmanship and creativity that redefine the boundaries of type design.

    Fees range from 25 to 150 Euros based on company size, student status, or income level, with different categories having distinct fee structures.


    Type designers worldwide can participate, with typefaces designed or digitized in or after 2020 that comply with competition requirements being eligible. Entries can be submitted by anyone involved in their design, production, or marketing.


    The competition awards a Grand Prize of 3,000 Euros along with the possibility of first, second, and third prizes in each category and Script Group, totaling up to 180 prizes. Special Mentions are also considered by the jury.

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