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HOW Design Live 2018

    HOW Design Live 2018 | Graphic Competitions
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    One of the largest annual gatherings of creative professionals in the world, the HOW Design Live 2018 take place from April 30 to May 3 at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston. The event will connect nearly 4,000 professionals from every U.S. state and from dozens of countries around the world.

    HOW Design Live offers up to 100 educational sessions and keynotes, representing some of the best creative minds worldwide, and an exclusive opportunity to preview new tools, technologies and products in the industry's largest exhibit hall.

    « HOW Design Live is a one-of-a-kind mash-up of people and ideas that leaves no one unchanged. It's a career-changing, life-altering experience that prepares designers and marketing professionals to seize new opportunities. » (Gary Lynch, vice president/group show director for HOW Design Live)


    Hynes Convention Center in Boston, USA.

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