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Boston Design Week 2019

    Boston Design Week 2019 | Graphic Competitions
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    The 6th Annual Boston Design Week, a 12-day citywide festival taking place on March 27 - April 7, 2019, seeks to increase public awareness and appreciation of all aspects of design, foster recognition of the vital role design plays, and bring new audiences to a wide array of design industries and organizations.

    The 2018 Boston Design Week was a resounding success with 70+ events over 12 days. More than 15,000 people attended events in fourteen neighborhoods of Boston and ten cities and towns in greater Boston.

    All Boston Design Week events are open to the public and most are free of charge.

    Events explore technical design, urban design, fashion, decorative arts, interior design, architecture, graphics, product design, digital design and more.


    Events will take place over multiple locations in Boston, USA.

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