Travel Photographer Of The Year 2014 Awards

     Category:  Photography
     Deadline:  October 1, 2014  (expired!)
     Contest's Website:  [link]

    The Travel Photographer of the Year photo contest is run by photographers for photographers, and in this 2014 edition there are new categories and new opportunities to showcase the best travel photography. Whether you are amateur or professional, beginner or expert, young or old, you are welcome to enter.

    There are three Portfolio categories, an HD Video category, Young Travel Photographer of the Year award, three One Shot categories, a New Talent award and the overall winner of Travel Photographer of the Year 2014.

    Portfolio categories: A portfolio must comprise four images. Portfolios with more or less than four images will be disqualified. An image cannot be entered in more than one portfolio, but a portfolio image may also be entered in a single image category.

    New Talent category: This category is for photographic students and amateur or semi-professional photographers only. Professional photographers are not eligible to enter this category and photographic status will be checked before any prizes are awarded. This category can only be entered once and is judged on portfolio comprising six images

    One Shot categories: These categories is judged on a single image. However you may enter up to two images for a single entry fee.

    HD Video category: Entries in this category must be sent on DVD or USB drive by post. Entries must be shot on stills cameras, not on video cameras, and can be solely moving footage, images shot as time lapse sequences or a combination of stills and video imagery. The maximum length of an HD video entry is 2 minutes (120 seconds).

    Young Travel Photographer of the Year category: Entrants aged 18 years or under. This award will be decided on the best portfolio or four images. The entry form must be signed by a parent/guardian.

    Entries shot on either film or digital cameras are eligible for all categories. Images shot on mobile phones may be submitted in the One Shot categories, provided that they have been taken on a 5 megapixel or higher phone camera.

    Entrants may enter any categories that they are eligible for, and may enter as many times as they wish, except for New Talent which can only be entered once. Images that have won a single image prize in another national or international photographic competition before the TPOTY closing date are not eligible for the One Shot categories. However, these images are still eligible as part of a portfolio.

    Some images are timeless so entry is not restricted to images shot only within the past few years. However the judges will be looking for contemporary images so you should not enter outdated images - if an image depicts part of a city, for example, it should show a contemporary skyline, including any recently built major landmarks in the part you are photographing.

    Manipulations which could realistically be achieved in a darkroom will be accepted but the judges have the discretion to reject any image which has been, in their opinion, over-manipulated, removing the integrity of the original image.

    Travel Photographer of the Year does not make any claim whatsoever on the copyright of your images.

    The entry fee for each portfolio category, New Talent and the HD Video categories is £15 (approx. 25 USD). The entry fee for One Shot is £10 (approx. 16 USD) per category, and Young TPOTY is free to enter.


    Entry is open to any photographer, amateur and professional, aged 19 years and over, from any country.

    Young Travel Photographer of the Year is for photographers aged 18 years and under. There are two age categories – aged 14 years and under, aged 15 to 18 years.


    The Travel Photographer of the Year 2014 will be given a special showcase of their photographer at the 2015 TPOTY exhibition. They will also receive £2500 (approx. 4,190 USD) plus a Plastic sandwich portfolio case or ifolio.