Creative Quarterly International Call For Entries

     Category:  Multiple Disciplines
     Deadline:  April 29, 2011  (expired!)
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    We set the bar high. Not everyone can be in our show. Only the best work gets past our judges. In photography. Illustration. Fine Art. Or graphic design. We’re quickly becoming a tour de force in art and design competitions. Professional or student. Published or unpublished work is accepted. For a flat $10 each.

    When we see winners from our show in other major shows we know we’re using the same yardstick. The only thing those other shows have on us is higher entry fees. Winning isn’t everything but why pay so much for the privilege? Winners will be featured in the Fall issue of Creative Quarterly as well as online. Runner-up winners will be featured online only. Complimentary copy of the magazine for all winners. Enter online or mail your entries before the deadline. Current winners are on display on our site.


    Open to all art directors, graphic designers, illustrators and photographers, in all countries. Published and unpublished work accepted. Separate categories for professional and student.

    Graphic Design—advertising design, books, branding, brochures, editorial, environmental, identity, packaging, posters and web.

    Photography—both fine art and commercial.
    Illustration—print and animation.


    Winners published in Issue 24 of Creative Quarterly, an internationally distributed magazine of art and design. In addition all work will be displayed online. Runners-up, displayed online only.