1ndia Unity In Diversity Poster Design Contest

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     Deadline:  May 10, 2011  (expired!)
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    There is unity in diversity in India. There might be seemingly contradicting viewpoints, traditions and customs in India but they together represent the country as a vivid and majestic land that has continued to amaze the world for centuries.

    Design a poster that you believe can represent India globally. You can borrow from her rich cultural heritage to express visually her different aspects. Your poster could be iconic, symbolic or expressive. You are given the freedom to come up with your own metaphors that you feel can represent the nation.

    The challenge here is to represent India as an entire nation and not as a certain region or part of the country. This will lead you to take a path where you’ll constantly need to integrate different values and symbols that epitomize India. As you go along the journey you will find yourself unifying the diversity of this nation—this will be the only constrain in your creative expression.

    Your poster can be hand-drawn and painted with inks & colors. You can also take photographs and create a montage. You can utilize a digital medium such as the computer as well. The medium is no way a constrain—you are encouraged to utilize any techniques or processes that exist or even invent your very own.


    All Indian citizens are eligible to participate. If you’re a foreign national but have been studying or working in India for more than a year then you’re also eligible to participate. In such a case you’ll be required to attach a proof that you’ve been staying or studying in India for the duration of a year or more.

    You could either participate solo or as a team. If you participate as a team then kindly send the photographs of all team members along with the entry.


    All participants will receive a certificate in PDF via e-mail. There are no monetary prizes: The contest is free to enter and aims to improve social communication, thus it is endorsed by charities and NGOs rather than profitable businesses. The contest itself is not profitable, for this reason there are no monetary prizes for the entrants.